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  • Officil TCR Partner of Volkswagen Motorsport for Japan

    2018 年 3 月 1 日


    ドイツ本国Volkswagen Motorsportからのオファーと同社との良好な交渉の結果、

    VWMOSPと弊社との間で「Official TCR Partner of Volkswagen Motorsport for Japan」


    今後、弊社が日本におけるVW Golf GTI TCRの販売窓口となります事を

    報告させて頂くとともに、VW Golf GTI TCRを日本で使用される現行及び


    We are pleased to announce that Volkswagen Motorsport and us, Adenau, has agreed a contact for Adenau

    to represent as ‘Official TCR Partner of Volkswagen Motorsport for Japan’ following an offer from

    Volkswagen Motorsport and successful negotiation between us.

    We also would like to introduce us as an official contact for VW Golf GTI TCR sales in Japan from now on and

    are looking forward to helping all our existing and future customers who use VW Golf GTI TCR racing cars in